Cockroach Series

Cockroach series robots funded by ONR are creatively labeled Robot I, Robot II, Robot III, and Robot V (don’t ask about IV). Robot I and Robot II were our first two biologically inspired projects. Robot III and V are more directly comparable to the anatomy of a cockroach.

Robot V is actuated by Braided Pneumatic Actuators, also known as McKibben Artifical Muscles. Therefore, a test stand was built to learn how to control with these ingenious actuators. The robotic leg was capable of operating 94% passively and provided stable and sensible forward walking motion.

In collaboration with the Zill Laboratory at the Marshall University School of Medicine, the following projects were being executed at the Biorobotics Laboratory at Case Western Reserve University.

The kinematically correct model of the front leg of a Blaberus cockroach described in the Arthropod modeling section has a femur-tibia joint that has been actuated using actual EMG recordings from the extensor and flexor muscles of the Blaberus cockroach.