Software for MantisBot

  • AnimatLab2 Pro

It is important to note that the number of body parts and neurons needed for MantisBot exceed the number available in the free version of the software, so the $250 pro version is required.

  • Arduino IDE
  • Arduino Libraries and hardware definitions

For each of these, reference the “Introduction to Dynamixel . . .” manual for links and instructions on installation (Sections 3.1 and 3.2).

  • Dynamanager

This software is used to check non-responsive servos. If a servo’s ID has become changed from what the user thinks, Rolex Replica Dynamanager is able to identify the current ID and change it. ***TO RUN THIS SOFTWARE, THE ros SKETCH MUST BE UPLOADED TO THE ARBOTIX-M BOARD***

  • DynaWizard (a part of RoboPlus)

This software can be used to check the values set for each of the servo’s parameters. This can also be used to update the firmware. It requires a USB to Dynamixel hardware device.

  • (Optional) Windows Visual Studio 2010 (complete)

This software is necessary if you wish to utilize the Animatlab SDK

  • (Optional) AnimatLab SDK

See the next section for instructions on getting this up and running.