Alex Hunt

I started at Case Western in 2005 as an undergraduate, and began work in BioRobotics lab in the spring of 2007. That summer I secured SOURCE funding and manufactured the parts for Lunar Whegs™. My Junior year project involved designing, building and testing the scoop with the support of funding from OSGC. From there I started work on USAR Whegs™ which I built for my Masters degree, earning my BS along the way in 2009, and getting my MS in May of 2010. From there I moved to Portland, OR for a year where I worked at Xerox, and Nike IHM. Missing the thrill of pushing the boundaries of current robotic research, I moved back to Cleveland in May of 2011 and have been involved in legged control work in extending LegConNet to a simulated rat system ever since. My first publication concerning this work was presented at Living Machines 2014 where it won best paper. An overview of the work can be found at Tetrapod Inter-leg Coordination. I also developed optimization methods to improve parameter training of biological networks and used this training to produce alternating hind leg stepping in a rat (initial results presented at Living Machines 2015) and a dog-shaped robot, Puppy. I successfully defended my dissertation on September 24th and I have begun a postdoc at the Cleveland VA working in the FES Center. Files for my dissertation including simulation files, data code, videos, and the dissertation itself can be found here.

In addition to my degree-directed research, I have been involved in a large variety of projects as a researcher at Case Western Reserve University. I am part of the team for producing algorithms for early detection and suppression of unwanted arc events on 3D metal printing using a Laser Hot Wire (LHW) process. I have also contributed to the novel mechanism design of a new actuator using traditional components and have worked on multi-robot exploration behavior and localization in unknown environments. I also created and help maintain this website, so if you see any issues, send me a message!


In my free time, I enjoy playing Ultimate Frisbee and hiking. You can see pictures from the travels of my wife and me at the following website: